We provide registration and statutory compliance related services as per the requirements of various authorities and legal bodies in Kerala, India, Saudi Arabia and the U AE. Our scope of services in this regard includes:

GST Registration

Probably the biggest tax reform in independent India, GST is predicted to help improve the ease of doing business and increase the tax payer base in India. The GST regime has replaced the subsuming multi taxes into a single system, thereby reducing tax complexities and increasing tax base. As per this new system, every entity involved in the buying and selling goods or providing services or both are required to register for GST. Those entities without GST registration will not be permitted to collect GST from a customer or make a claim for input tax credit. As per the current rules, an entity is required to register for GST once its turnover crosses the minimum prescribed annual turnover threshold of Rs 20 lakhs. The threshold amount is reduced to Rs 10 lakhs for some special category states like the North Eastern and other hill states.

We at ENS Associates can help you with the procedures pertaining to obtaining GST registration in India and maintain GST compliance through our proprietary GST accounting software. We ensure that you obtain a GST certificate within an average of 5 - 10 working days, subject to government processing time and document submission.

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Partnership Firm Registration

In India as per the Indian Partnership Act of 1932, it at the discretion of the partners of a partnership firm to register a partnership firm, but it (the partnership) cannot avail certain legal benefits if it is not registered. Hence it is always advisable to register it. The following documents required for partnership formation irrespective of registration

  • Partnership Deed
  • Documents of Firm (PAN of the Firm, Address Proof)
  • Documents of Partners (PAN of the Partners, Address Proofs)
  • Additional Documents in case of Registration
  • GST Registration
  • Current Bank Account
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LLC Registration

We at ENS Associates also provide the necessary service to those
looking to register the LLC in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and in India (as a LLP).

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Company Registration

It is of paramount importance for selecting the right company structure for your business. Selcting the correct business structure will ensure that your business will operate at the right parameters and meet the strategic objectives of the organization. In India as per the Companies Act 2013, every business entity looking to perform under the title of a company public or private must register itself as per the regulations laid down in the Act. We at ENS Associates help business entities to complete all the necessary legal formalities and compliances with regards to company registration in Kochi and all over India.

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Nidhi Company Registration

A Nidhi Company is a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC).
It seeks to borrow and lend money to its members. We at ENS Associates, also provide registration services for those looking to start Nidhi companies.

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Trademark Registration

In order to preserve and protect the uniqueness and ownership rights of your brand or entity,
we at ENS Associates provide comprehensive range of services with regards to trademark registration.

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ISO Registration

The International Organization for Standardization is the body that prescribes and specifies the requirements for establishing a quality management system in an organization. This certification by the ISO validates the organizations or business’s ability to consistently provide product and services that meets customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

We at ENS Associates provide the necessary consultancy and services required for securing an ISO certification, the requirements of which are generic and applicable to all organizations.

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IE Code Registration

IE Code is required by a business seeking to engage in the exporting or importing of goods. It is a 10 digit code which is issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Government of India. All businesses which are engaged in Import and Export of goods require registering Import Export Code. This code requires onetime registration process and lifetime validity. We at ENS Associates provide IEC registration services that end with the business securing the ten digit IE Code.

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Bar Code Registration

Barcodes are machine readable symbols in the form of numbers and parallel lines that are used as a universal standard for tracking and identifying products and consignments. They help to keep track of the products as they move from one phase to another in the supply chain. ENS Associates helps businesses in Kerala to obtain a bar code registration and subscription for the required period of years.

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Saudi and UAE VAT Registration

ENS Associates provides VAT Registration services in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. In the case of UAE jurisdiction, registration is compulsory for all those business that meet the mandatory turnover thresh hold limit of AED 375,000/- per annum. This includes sale of goods or services in the normal course of business by an entity.

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